Tekhnee is an exploratory workshop in the field of classical music performance. Its artistic and pedagogic projects serve as research contexts in performance studies, analytic music theory, and original unobtrusive technology. Tekhnee is privately held and sprouted in Aalto University’s innovation center in Finland.


    Announcement: New Schenkerian Analysis seminar (Fall 2020)

    by Tekhnee Concertmaster -

    Fees: The seminar is offered free of charge to selected participants as part of a pedagogic field study.

    Schedule: 10 weekly online meetings of 75 minutes each. Places are limited. Announcements will be circulated via Twitter (#SchenkerSeminar), the Tekhnee email list, SMT Discuss, and other academic and professional forums.

    Inquiries: Dr. Yannis Rammos (rammos@tekhnee.org).